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Patho BLASTA is a Side Scrolling Shooter in the Shoot 'Em Up Arcade style game with incredible AAA grade Graphics and Sound Design. Shoot your way through many levels of corridors full of Spores, Drone Arrays and Viruses of different types and sizes. Equipped with standard weapon, your ship gets Powered Up and upgraded with Bio Missiles and different types of Special Weapons which you'll need to defeat the flood of enemies coming your way including Micro, Mini and Big Bosses preventing you from reaching the Garden Core, where Exuoa awaits.

Will you reach and stop Exuoa, before she Terra-forms the Earth into a world unfit for Human existence?

The Virus Entity X of Unknown Origin Designation A (EXUOA), was found in a remote location in central USA by professor Zed, a lead pathogenic scientist. As the first to come in contact with the virus, Zed understands it better than anyone else, so he founded the BLASTA Corp. to combat the virus. BLASTA is a privately held organization with ties to many branches of government, especially the US Military. With his ties to the military, Zed put together an elite Unit of Bio Soldiers well trained in dealing with areas of infestation and thus able to fight the Exuoa Virus, preventing it from spreading globally. You as a member of BLASTA must protect the containment and quarantine areas and not allow the virus through. But Protecting the containment areas is not BLATAS' only challenge. Industria NUMERA, the second largest Bio Corp. has tasked some of its Elite Agents to acquire samples of the Exuoa virus under the pretense of finding a cure, something which BLASTA has failed to do. But Zed knows that NUMERA wants the Exuoa virus to weaponize it. To preserve humanity, BLASTA must fight the Bio Wars on two fronts, against Industria NUMERA and the Exuoa virus itself.